Plastering Services

At Chief Plastering we deal with all types of plastering services, which are explained in detail below. We are based in Hove, but cover Brighton & Hove and the wider Sussex area. If you would like us to provide a free quote, please get in touch.


Plastering Services

Plastering over Artex
Some Artex may contain asbestos and our professionals can safely plaster over all patterns and surfaces.

Skimming is the finish coat of plaster, some refer to it as setting and we apply 2 coats when skimming or re-skimming.

Float and set
Floating is when the substrate needs to be brought out to a certain thickness or level with an existing wall. Or in the case of a new wall, the blockwork or brickwork needs a backing coat before it can be set. Setting aka skimming

Our professionals deal with every aspect of plasterboarding and work with a variety of boards such as wallboard, fireline, moisture resistant, vapour, acoustic and insulation board.

Overboarding is when new plasterboards are fixed over a current ceiling. this occurs frequently for example, when the current ceiling is made from lath and plaster and is in a bad way, overboarding it is quicker and a lot cleaner than taking the old one down.

Tacking is when plasterboard is fixed to either timber or metal frame work using screws

Dot and dab
This is when plasterboard is stuck to the substrate using adhesive and is checked vertically and horizontally that is level.